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When you call WEC Heating & A/C Inc. for air conditioning installation, we’ll take your home to a whole new level of comfort. Today’s technologically advanced cooling systems, far surpass those from just ten years ago. Modern air conditioning offers more cooling power for less money spent on electricity, quieter operation, improved warranties, longer lifespans and a commitment to our environment. There’s never been a better time to invest in the necessary luxury of a refreshing cool, temperature-controlled home.

If your cooling equipment is more than ten years old, it’s probably an energy hog. The amount of electricity these older units utilize is the reason that homeowner’s summer energy bills soar sky-high. These outdated models are also tough on the environment, thanks to the ozone-depleting refrigerant that they use. Recent developments in air conditioning technology have made great strides in remedying these issues. Improved fan-blade shape, a new ozone-friendly refrigerant, reduced electricity usage, a port for diagnostics and advanced compressor technology has made cooling your home more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

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Comfortmaker air conditioning systems fine-tune comfort levels through components which “talk” to each other electronically, automatically making adjustments for maximum energy savings. Two-stage scroll compressor and deluxe sound blanket, along with a variable-speed fan motor, allow for exceedingly quiet performance. Operating sound is further reduced by advanced aerodynamic fan and air discharge systems.

Comfortmaker cooling units are extremely durable, housed in a steel cabinet with corrosion-resistant, appliance-grade paint. The filter drier not only removes moisture from the refrigerant but also provides protection from contaminants and ensures long-term reliability of the refrigeration system. The two-stage compressor makes a significant comfort difference when it comes to handling indoor humidity, allowing the system to operate mostly in low-stage, reaching the highest efficiency levels and best dehumidification due to longer run times. A ten-year no hassle replacement limited warranty and full-color touchscreen technology wall control, make Comfortmaker air conditioning systems tough to compete with.

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How it is installed has the greatest effect on how efficient and how long your equipment will work. It is critical to the safe and trustworthy operation of your cooling equipment to have a reputable contractor perform not only installation but also annual service. You need someone who can handle the job today, be around tomorrow and take care of your comfort for years to come. WEC Heating & A/C Inc. draws on 25 years of experience, bringing our customers the most comprehensive HVAC service available in the Tallahassee area.

WEC Heating & A/C Inc. employs the very best people in the industry, delivering expertise, experience, and integrity to every job, big or small. Through extensive training and in-depth industry knowledge, we will match your needs, budget, and expectations to the ideal cooling system for your exact space. When you call WEC Heating & A/C Inc. for air conditioning installation, know that complete comfort and total temperature control is at your fingertips.

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