Commercial HVAC Tallahassee, FL

WEC Heating & A/C has what you need to make your business more efficient. Through equipment designed to suit your exact needs and expert service derived from years of industry training, we can save you money on heating and cooling, and keep your business operating at peak capability. Comfort is the key.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Increase Productivity

Our goal is to create a comfortable environment to promote employee productivity, welcome customers, protect computers and equipment, and purify the air you breathe. WEC Heating & A/C Inc. is a Comfortmaker and Honeywell dealer, providing flexible solutions for spaces big and small, the highest efficiency levels available, and reliable answers to perfect temperature and air quality. Our team of certified professionals specializes in comprehensive HVAC services for every type and size of commercial building, solving any interruption in comfort quickly and effectively, whether you require one technician or an entire fleet.

Keeping your commercial building comfortable for years to come!

Our thorough HVAC maintenance program reduces down time, increases longevity of equipment, eliminates the majority of potential repairs and ensures quiet, efficient and uninterrupted operation. Our commitment to regular and thorough service improves our client’s facilities and provides peace of mind. When you call WEC Heating & A/C Inc. for start-up service, our knowledgeable and courteous professionals will schedule maintenance when it is most convenient for your timetable. Our technicians will arrive within the stated timeframe, perform a complete system analysis and cleaning with the utmost respect for your property, minimizing disruption and inconvenience, and resulting in a positive and satisfying experience.

Even with the most dependable HVAC equipment, controls and parts, there are times when you need support from commercial HVAC service experts. Our HVAC specialists don’t just rely on a temporary fix for your heating and cooling needs, but work toward enduring solutions across your entire facility. Our entire staff of heating and cooling specialists is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cover your company’s emergency repairs. We’ll work both within and outside of regular business hours to keep your commercial environment comfortable despite the weather outside.

Indoor Air Quality

At WEC Heating & A/C Inc., we also focus on Indoor Air Quality and its impact on workforce productivity. According to recent research, employers can increase worker performance by up to 10% through improvements in indoor air quality. OSHA estimates that poor indoor air costs employers fifteen billion dollars annually due to worker inefficiency and absence due to sickness. A mix of indoor pollutants such as mold, mildew, dust mites, pet dander and bacteria have been directly linked to eye irritation, nausea, headaches, asthma and allergies. Cleaning products, pest control solutions, personal care products and even carpets, furniture and wall coverings contribute to interior contaminants. Through air purifiers, cleaners, ventilation and humidifiers, WEC Heating & A/C Inc. has a wide range of products that make your business a better place to breathe.

WEC Heating & A/C Inc. has more experience, resources and dedication than any other HVAC service provider in the Tallahassee area. Our main objective is to supply you, your staff and customers with air that is clean and odor-free, at temperatures and humidity levels that remain within a comfortable range to provide a safe and pleasant work environment. When you call WEC Heating & A/C Inc. for your HVAC needs, rest assured your are getting professional, prompt and dedicated service today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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