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With utility bills continually on the rise, most homeowners are looking for ways to improve energy consumption. There are quite a few small adjustments you can make around the house to add up to significant savings. Start by using the thermostat more efficiently. By adjusting your thermostat seven to ten degrees Fahrenheit from its normal temperature for eight hours a day, you’ll save as much as 10% on your annual utility costs. A programmable thermostat is perfect for people who are away from home at set periods of time throughout the week. The use of a pre-programmed settings can save you nearly $200 a year in energy costs.

HVAC Maintenance

Sealing and insulating ducts greatly improves the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Duct losses can add up to more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are located in unconditioned spaces, such as attics or crawlspaces. Dirt is the enemy of your heating and cooling system, including the ductwork. Dust build-up causes friction that leads to wear and tear, damaging components and making your system unnecessarily struggle to reach ideal comfort levels. This is why it is important to maintenance your heating and cooling equipment.

HVAC InstallationTallahassee, FL

If your heating and cooling equipment is more than ten years old or unable to keep your house at a comfortable temperature during extreme weather conditions, you need to have it evaluated by a professional HVAC technician. Replacing outdated models with ENERGY STAR equipment can reduce your annual energy bill by up to $200. Make sure to call a reputable HVAC contractor, such as the technicians from WEC Heating & A/C Inc., for installation. When installed improperly, system efficiency can be degraded by up to 30%, not only costing you unnecessarily high utility bills, but shortening your system’s lifespan as well

Before installing a new furnace, be sure to research Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. This rating represents the seasonal average efficiency. ENERGY STAR labeled models offer upwards of 90% AFUE, reaching near total efficiency. When choosing an air conditioning, check the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). While the allowable minimum is 13 for central air, many manufacturers now offer 20 SEER and above.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Your Home

If you have central air conditioning and/or heat, don’t assume the vents in your home are open. Take the time to check. While some people adhere to the old myth that closing vents can reduce energy consumption by limiting the need to cool or heat a particular room, that’s just not true. Closing vents will actually increase energy costs.

Central HVAC systems utilize filters to keep dirt, dust and other contaminants from circulating throughout your home. Filters need to be replaced monthly. Dirty filters not only restrict airflow, making your equipment work harder, but also reduce indoor air quality. Call WEC Heating & A/C Inc. to schedule annual maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment, ensuring safe operation and maximum efficiency levels year after year.

We all know that heat rises. Use this knowledge to save money. During summer months, you want to help that heat escape faster by pushing the air upwards. During winter, you want to prevent heat from escaping so you need to push it down. Consider the installation of a ceiling fan to make both tasks simple and convenient. Although fans don’t heat or cool air, they do circulate it. When air moves, it’s easier to achieve an even temperature, which means far less work for your heating and cooling system.

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The professionals from WEC Heating & A/C Inc. would be happy to discuss possibilities for improving your home’s energy consumption. We partner with Comfortmaker and Honeywell to provide our clients with the most efficient products on the market today. Nearly 50% of Honeywell’s products link directly to conserving energy. Every Comfortmaker product meets or exceeds federal standards for efficiency. When you call WEC Heating & A/C Inc., we deliver the most innovative solutions for comfort, temperature control, and energy savings.

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