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You may have purchased your first furnace when you bought your home, and probably didn’t give it much thought. When it’s time to replace your old heating system, take the time to find a furnace and contractor you’ll be happy to live with for the next twenty years. With over twenty-five years of satisfying homeowners in the Tallahassee area, WEC Heating & A/C Inc. has the experience and knowledge to help you determine the perfect fit for your specific heating needs, and you can rest assured we’ll still be around when you need service.

The average American family spends approximately $2000 annually on energy bills, with more than half of that generated by heating and cooling your home. Replacing an old, outdated furnace with a new, more efficient model will help offset rising energy costs. A gas furnace manufactured in the early 1970’s normally has an AFUE of around 65%, whereas now, the lowest efficiency allowed by law for new furnaces is 78%. While the price of a furnace tends to rise along with its fuel efficiency, you can recoup that extra cost through lower fuel bills over the life of the furnace.

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WEC Heating & A/C Inc. partners with Comfortmaker, bringing you furnaces that are designed to take your home to a new level of comfort and efficiency. Because various components of Comfortmaker systems “talk” to each other electronically, the unit is able to fine-tune comfort levels while optimizing energy savings.

When you invest in a Comfortmaker furnace, a stainless steel, weld-free heat exchanger not only moves more heat to the outside surface for increased heat transfer, but also resists cracking, separating and corrosion over the life of the system. The cabinet is thermal lined and insulated to limit the amount of heat and operating noise that escapes, making these furnaces incredibly quiet and efficient. With exceptional warranties, up to 97% AFUE ratings and variable-speed blower motors, Comfortmaker gas furnaces deliver consistent, dependable comfort at affordable prices.

Just as important as selecting the right furnace is the need to choose a qualified, licensed and reputable contractor to install it. Your new furnace can’t begin to live up to its AFUE rating if it is installed improperly. You can trust the trained technicians from WEC Heating & A/C Inc. to take the time and care to keep you informed see to the details and make the installation process satisfying and convenient. We install all makes and models, are familiar with the latest technology, and take great care to minimize disruption to your home, schedule and comfort. With our same day service guarantee, perfect temperature is only a phone call away.

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