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Premier Service Customer Details

Scheduled maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system can save you big on your energy bill and help to prevent future breakdowns. W.E.C. Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc is now offering you even more savings: The Premier Service Customer Plan.

Here?s how it works:
You get:
  • Two Preventive Maintenance Cleanings per year
  • We contact you to schedule (Typically Spring and Fall)
  • 10% off any Emergency Service Calls, including parts
  • 10% off Honeywell Air Quality Products

Cost: $152.00 for twice a yr, $89.00 for once a yr
And $60.00 for each additional system

NOTE: Filters Are Not Included in This Price.


  • Cleaning of the Air Handler Cabinet to Help Remove Dust and Dirt
  • Cleaning of the Condenser Unit to Remove Yard Waste and Debris
  • Cleaning the Blower Wheel in Place
  • Cleaning Both Coils in Place with Nu Calgon Environmentally Friendly Cleaner
  • Back Wash Drain Lines
  • Adding Algae Tablets to Drain Pan
  • Checking Float Pan Switches for Proper Operation
  • Checking all Low Voltage Wiring Connections on Relays and Contactors
  • Checking Refrigerant Levels. If Needed 1st Pound is Provided at No Additional Charge

Heating and AC ContractorTallahassee, FL

Energy Efficiency, clean air, and reliability are some of the features you can, and should, expect from your heating and air conditioning system. Our trained technicians not only clean and check the system; they keep an eye toward preventing future breakdowns, and can make suggestions about how you can improve the air quality and efficiency in your home.